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Semiconductor Repair Services

Ascent-tec Europe has become an independent repair and spare parts logistics supplier, manufacturing and engineering facilities. Ascent-tec Europe works together with experienced professionals with a broad base of knowledge and experience.

Fast Service

With Ascent-tec Europe Semiconductor Repair Services exclusive refurbishment concept, you get it all — fast service and quality refurbishment

Of all the good reasons to use Ascent-tec Europe Semiconductor Repair Services for your electronic repair, perhaps none is more important than our extensive use of system testing. When you elect to have us repair your electronic components, they are given a thorough evaluation, and are expertly diagnosed for problems on advanced test equipment. 

We repair the following electronic and mechanical components for the semiconductor industry

  • Controllers
  • PLC’s
  • Displays
  • Power Supplies
  • Power Systems
  • RF Components (Generators/Matches)
  • Robots

The best service

You get the absolute best service. Ascent-tec Europe will completely refurbish and conduct a full functional test, then ship it back to you. We provide service you can rely on, time after time. We’re ready to serve you right now, so give us a call with full confidence in our expertise.